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Evaluation of the property is performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the "Florida Assocation of Building Inspectors”.

Generally, evaluation and reporting of merely cosmetic and minor / inconsequential deficiencies is beyond the scope of this inspection. It is best to allow us to proceed with the inspection without interruption so that we are able to conduct a complete and accurate evaluation.

Usually the inspectors will be making evaluations throughout the interior and exterior of the home; walking on the roof, climbing in the attic, opening the windows, operating central heating / air conditioning systems and standard built-in appliances, opening electrical panel boxes, looking under the kitchen / bathroom sinks, running showers / tubs, etc.

If there are any areas or components of the home that you do not wish to be accessed or handled by the inspectors please inform them. Also, if you are aware of any problems or adverse conditions affecting any of the systems and components of the property please inform the inspectors.